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Every day, we all have choices to make in life. When it comes to photography, the preservation of your memories and your life story; make the right choice. We could tell you all about the great digital cameras we carry, our variety of frames, mats and albums, digital accessories and pro films that we have available every day, or about the dozens of services we provide our customers. 

But here’s the real choice you have to make, do you want to experience true, memorable, one to one, customer service, performed for every one without exception, or will you accept less, maybe a lot less.

Our custom printing services, and years of experience in the photo industry are important, and the products you get here are simply the best you can buy, but really what you receive at the Image Maker is the service you truly deserve. We’re your friends in the photo business since 1978.

When it comes to your photography, choose carefully; choose the Image Maker, 320 North First Avenue in Sandpoint.

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Mike Hammersberg
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Michaella Hammersberg
“Your Friends in the Photo Business”



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