The Image Maker offers digital card image recovery services. These services include the image recovery process as well as the recovered images saved to CD or DVD. If no images are recovered there will be no charge.


The Image Maker provides camera cleaning services of your digital point and shoot, DSLR, or film cameras from basic body cleaning to internal CCD cleaning. Camera cleaning prices vary from camera to camera, and depend on what you want or need to have done. Bring your camera in for an estimate on time and price.


Here at the Image Maker we provide in house camera repairs on point and shoot, DSLR, and film cameras as well as on lenses to an extent. Certain repairs must be sent out to our camera technician, who has over 38 years of experience with the Image Maker. Other repairs may need to be sent to the original manufacturer for an estimate and/or repair. There is no charge for estimates from us; however, shipping charges will apply for out of house estimates.

Camera repairs out of store may take six or more weeks depending on where you are in line or where we have to send it too.